Denise inspired me to fulfill my potential and heal myself.
— Maxine, Salt Lake City, UT
Ms. Lynch has THE best voice; THE best scripts; THE best background sounds and music I’ve ever heard on meditation tapes. I have tried to listen to others who either had grating voices, or the music was too electronic, etc. Ms. Lynch is just perfect in every way. I also love that she relaxes you without wasting time going thru the relaxation of each body part. Just the right words and a few deep breaths is all it takes. Love her!
— topazgirl (Amazon customer review)
I am so grateful for everything I have learned in your classes - not just about hypnosis but about me! It’s been an amazing experience and it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
— Susan, Salt Lake City, UT
(Living An Empowered Life) has been a really wonderful audiobook to use on a daily basis. Denise’s voice is very soothing and the way it is set up is really convenient to be able to do on a daily basis. This is one of the best, most convenient systems I have come across in a long time!!! Highly Recommend!!!
— tuchatail (iTunes customer review)
Denise’s training helped make hypnotherapy practical and usable.
— Wendell, St. George, UT
Impressed and amazed by the gentle way she walks you through these Power Dream meditations. This system (after I downloaded the iTunes track times and table of contents from her website) was really easy to follow. I do suggest going to her resources page to do that, it’s very worth it. I have used the system twice now (it takes 11 days) for my self-sabotauge and again for increasing my wealth. It rocks! Expert and well explained guidance. I agree now that change is easier when you take the conscious push out of it. You’ve got to have a guide and that’s what makes this so good. Bottom line; (Living An Empowered Life) rocks!
— readiest (iTunes customer review)
I love working in this field! It has become rewarding personally, spiritually and financially! Thank you for preparing me to run my own clinic.
— Steven Howell, San Francisco, CA
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! (Living An Empowered Life) could very well be the most amazing audio book I have ever owned.... Thank you Denise Lynch for really, really enabling me to really manifest everything I have ever dreamed of ... I am happier then I have ever been .. thanks
— lovin life (Amazon customer review)
Thank you, the training helped me understand all kinds of things that were going on inside of me and how to better deal with my life.
— LeeAnn, Wyoming
This was a great course. It changed my life in a very positive way.
— Susan, Salt Lake City, UT
This IS Powerful!!! WOW, I didn’t know what a treasure this was until I dug in. This series of mediations and instructions provided the methodology to clear away my mental landmines & hurdles. It opened me being fully ME. It can be powerful, if you’re ready to tackle the Demons....and you know what I’m talking about!!
— Mark Kaplan (Amazon customer review)
Understanding Hypnosis and all the information presented has created a major shift for me. A gift as a teacher, Denise creates a safe and fun environment for students.
— Gloria, Murray, UT
I’ve taken many courses in many countries from many teachers, but this has given me the tools to deal with my day to day ability to live in a present awareness.
— Doug, Salt Lake City, UT
I LOVE THIS! Motivating, inspiring, stabilizing, esteem building, brings me back to center. Gorgeous voice, good variety of music. I will listen every day!
— CAprincess (iTunes customer review)
A truly magical, inspiring and motivating experience. A wonderful, creative and knowledgeable teacher. I walked out of the beginning training eager to pursue and practice hypnosis. I felt as if a new inner self had emerged.
— Sara, Vancover, Canada
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